The pro-player syllabus has been implemented in all our session planning throughout the year. Much like a curriculum is in place at schools, segments of study to enhance learning for the people we teach is used.

The coaching curriculum we use at pro-player is one that is used in many professional academies and age phases in England, and one that is approved by the fa premier league elite player performance plan, which has unique criteria for all professional clubs.

Both our outfield and goalkeepers syllabus has been broken down into learning in 3 main phases.

  • Foundation phase (ages 5-11s)
  • Youth development (ages 12-16s)
  • Performance phase (ages 17 to seniors)

Our cycles of work are linked to the principles of the game and show constant details in the best environments to enhance learning and people development.

With our values underpinning the delivery and details to which we work, the player always comes first, and therefore each player is destined to reach their maximum potential to be the best player/person they possibly can.

See the visuals below showing our philosophy in player enhancement through our programs.