Welcome to PRO-PLAYER.

PRO-PLAYER are specialist in the world of football coaching, player career pathways and sports travel. Our unique network creates global opportunities for you! We allow you to CHASE YOUR DREAM.

Football Coaching programs

PRO-PLAYER have an elite team of football coaches who work all over South-East Brisbane. Contracting into many schools and clubs as well as their own academy designed to grow the individual as a person and a player.

With programs catered for outfield players and goalkeepers, males & females as well as all age categories, PRO-PLAYER have you covered.

Every young footballer aspires to one day becoming a pro-player.

We aim to develop and educate the player & person by creating a journey for each individual player to potentially fulfil these aspirations.

Our Purpose is to Create:

  • Create amazing opportunities

  • Create successful footballers

  • Create outstanding human beings

Our values are:

  • Resilience

  • Attitude & application

  • Preparation

  • Enthusiasm

  • Fun & laughter

We hope you enjoy your journey and experience with pro-player.

With the correct attitude, application & the ability to be resilient you lay foundations for you to aspire to your dreams.