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Working towards delivering the best player development program in Australia.
The Pro-Player Academy provides opportunities for all players to accelerate their football development in a holistic professional environment using an FA premier league approved syllabus & competency driven based sessions and allows every player to create their footballing journey on our unique development pathway.

The Pro-Player Journey allows all players to take control of their pathways and development. With an holistic environment and unique Pro-Player graduation process through the phases of football development, we have helped map out your football progression.

Annual registrations are highly recommended.

Game based, decision making based training with technical & tactical information from an FA Premier League certified syllabus with a guaranteed education.

Sessions are competency based groups and focused onto develop the individual to be the best they can be and are run in alignment with school terms and based on a 40 week program.

Sessions include:

  • Graduate through our competency based Pathway

  • English FA Premier League Syllabus

  • Professional licenced coaching

  • Linear Progression for high achievers

  • Position Specific Sessions

  • Clarity on desired outcomes

  • High Intensity & purposeful sessions

  • Holistically incorporating tactical, technical, physical, social & mental skills

  • Term time weekly sessions

  • Boys & girls

Academy Pricing 2024

TERM 1$440$780$960
TERM 2$440$780$960
TERM 3$440$780$960
TERM 4$440$780$960
ALL TERMS$1500$2600$3180
Prices exclude GST

POSITION SPECIFIC (Mondays 6pm Youth Phase Players)

Positional Specific Training is high repetition on specific football movements. E.G. Attacking with lots of shooting, working on movement/timing etc and crossing or Defending with lots of clearances, positioning, technical details and 1 on 1’s.

Sessions are from an FA Premier League syllabus and delivered by a UEFA “A” Licence coach who has played and coached with Premier League Clubs.

At some point as a player you will have to defend and will be in an attacking situation so the specifics at what to do during each moment will be extremely beneficial for player development.

Think the “finer detail” on what you will have to do in each position with high repetition of execution and a magnified approach to each moment of the game.

Examples of high repetition scenarios would be:


  • Clearances
  • Heading
  • 1-on-1 Defending
  • Positioning
  • Defending around the box
  • Cues
  • Distances
  • Tackling


  • Range of passing
  • Securing the ball
  • Using your body
  • Supporting
  • Defending space
  • Creating space


  • Shooting
  • Heading at goal
  • Pinning & spinning
  • Securing the ball
  • Crossing
  • Cut-backs
  • Runs in behind

With players specifically focusing on team scenarios, it’s tough to try and find moments to practice the finer details. Positional specific sessions can add value in these areas.

Sessions are directed by professional, ‘UEFA ‘A licensed & FA Advanced coach & leading Queensland development coach Nick Green & his team of hand-picked specialists.

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