PRO-PLAYER Goalkeeper Wars is here in Brisbane!

Test yourself against the best to become the 2023 Goalkeeper Wars Champions! Don’t miss out on this exciting tournament, which also gives you the chance to win a seat on PRO-PLAYER’s action-packed Premier League Goalkeeper Tour in 2024. WATCH THIS SPACE…

PRO-PLAYER Goalkeeper Wars aims to give Goalkeepers the ultimate competitive experience with special A-LEAGUE guests and expert coaches present.

Refreshments will be available on-site.

Tournament Rules:


  • Teams of 2 GKs (2 vs 2)
  • Champions League format
  • 4 teams to a group
  • Knockout and Finals for all teams
  • Minimum of 6 Games per team
  • Games of 4 minutes each
  • Alternate shots
  • Rebounds in play

Age Groups and Area:

  • U8-U12 will use 9v9 Goals within a 15m (L) by 18m (W) area
  • U13+ will use 11v11 Goals within an 18m (L) by 22m (W) area

Key Regulations:

  • Goalkeepers must shoot from inside their designated area
  • Goalkeepers must remain in the area unless they attempt to score a rebound
  • A team defending their goal cannot shoot from their save if the ball leaves the area
  • The ball is not dead until it goes: 1) in the goal; 2) Outside the designated area, or; 3) wide of the goal/over the bar
  • Any type of release accepted – hands or feet, on or off the ground
  • Maximum of 6 seconds before releasing


  • Points awarded like a football match – 3 for a Win, 1 for a Draw and 0 for a Loss
  • If equal points in group stages, team with most goals scored qualifies
  • If draw in knockout games, teams play sudden death until a winner is established