Around the globe soccer is played in almost every imaginable weather condition including snow! Parents and children can expect training to be cold, wet, windy and miserable at times. Conversely, the weather may be extremely hot, humid and uncomfortable in summer.


Group training will not be cancelled except under extreme weather conditions such as flash flooding hail and lightening. The ultimate decision for cancellation rests with the Directors of PRO-PLAYER who will take into account the health and safety of the participants.

On extremely hot, windy or rainy days, the duration of training sessions may be shortened (or cancelled outright) at the discretion of PRO-PLAYER. Upon cancellation Pro Player will look where possible to organise an alternative provision for its members. This may take place in the form of an indoor session, a strength and conditioning session, a video zoom session etc. Due to the annual schedule of PRO-PLAYER, PRO-PLAYER cannot offer arranged ‘catch up’ sessions from cancellation etc of such like.

Regarding School and Holiday Programs – in the unlikely event that training does not take place due to extremely poor / dangerous weather conditions (e.g electrical storms) – children will be supervised ‘indoors’ by PRO-PLAYER coaches/staff under the provision a facility can be organised and until the advertised session end time. Thereafter it becomes parents / guardians responsibility to ensure their children are picked up on time or alternate arrangements made. If parents / guardians are running late to pick up their children they should contact PRO-PLAYER immediately. For children 12 years of age or younger, there should be at least one parent or guardian in attendance at all times. This is because PRO-PLAYER can shorten group training sessions at their discretion in case of foul weather or other reasons. Please note that parents are ‘not’ required to be in attendance at School or Holiday Programs. Parent attendance only applies to Group programs, Midweek programs (not School or Holiday Programs).

There is a state-wide ban on sport being played whilst lightning is in the vicinity. No-one (children, parents or coaches) should remain outside in that case. If there is a pandemic related temporary ban on sport alternate arrangements with be made where possible.

During cold weather participants should dress warmly. Gloves, beanies, water-proof jackets, soccer boots (preferably not runners), track-suits, warm clothes, etc. should be worn by participants. On rainy days parent should also bring a towel and dry change of clothes for their children after the training. Pro Player apparel must be worn at all times. During hot weather participants should dress appropriately and come prepared. Caps, sunscreen, lip protection, long sleeve shirts, etc. should be worn by participants. Parents should always ensure their children have plenty of drinking water with them at every training session.